One Life-Changing Sonogram, Pt 2


We had two hours between the sonogram and our follow-up appointment with Peggy (our midwife).

With Jason’s work schedule, it had just “happened” to work out that way.  We didn’t normally schedule the follow-up for the same day as the sonogram.

The sonographer had given us a large, white envelope with the gender’s name written inside.  We had planned to wait and plan a special date to open it.

Since we didn’t have much time before the next appointment, we used that time slot to go on our traditional “Costco date.”  (We planned to go on a more formal date later.)

Picture Loaded From Brooklyn Botanical Gardens. (We were in Staten Island actually.)
Google Images Photo (Brooklyn Botanical Gardens) photo credit:

Jason took a scenic route we hadn’t taken before.

As we drove up the hill, with the pink-flowery trees encompassing us, Jason glanced at me, and said, “What’s wrong?”

I was trying hard to fight back the tears.  This was supposed to be a day to celebrate.

I started crying and said, “Everyone can’t wait to find out if it’s the gender they hoped for, and we have to tell them the baby’s not normal.”

Jason talked about how this baby is God’s gift, and everyone will celebrate that with us.  Somehow God gave him the right words at that time.

I’m glad we waited to find out the gender.  It gave us time to process the difficult news and celebrate the “gender reveal” separately.

Neither of us could wait to find out the gender.  When we got to the Women’s Center, sitting in the parking lot before our next appointment, I handed the envelope to Jason.

I let him look first.  He smiled, then handed it to me.

The sonographer had written it in the middle of a sticky pad, then bent up some of the pages.

Inside the yellow sticky pad, it said, “It’s a boy :-).”

It had been rainy, so the sky was gray.  We enjoyed our simple celebration together – that’s our style.  🙂  Then we went into the Women’s Center for our next appointment.

Follow-Up with Our Midwife

We had an hour or more with Peggy and some of my other nurse friends (I knew them from our first baby).

The same day we found out our baby had clubbed feet, we got to talk to our midwife, asking all the questions we could think of.  It helped us to start processing what we had found out.

All these things just “happened” that way. Getting to know the nurses before the first birth… having our follow up the same day… deciding not to find out the gender until later… decisions that aren’t “typical” for us.

We had another four months of weekly sonograms, new concerns and questions, but looking back, it’s sweet to see how God let these little things “happen.”