Benjamin’s Esophagus

A Trip To The ER

On Sunday, July 19th, we took Benjamin to the Emergency Room at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital.

Saturday morning he had a runny nose.  Saturday night he woke up extremely uncomfortable,

And Sunday night, we found ourselves ‘sleeping’ in  the ER…

We were moved to a room on Monday night, and stayed in the hospital until Thursday.

To those were praying for us during that time – first of all, thank you.  It means a lot to read your comments and to know how many people support us through their words and prayer.

Secondly, I want to share where we go from here.

We’ve learned to ask each doctor the same questions.  Each specialist comes at the situation from a  different angle, and we get a more well-rounded explanation that way.  (I have to say, we have been very impressed by Columbia Presbyterian Hospital.)

Here is the plan for Benjamin this month.

1) We’ll see a pulmonologist on Wednesday, August 5th to examine Benjamin’s lungs, and to determine whether or not he has tracheomalacia.  (Somehow, even after talking to many doctors and two different surgeons, I had the impression that all TEF patients have it.)

2) We will see the TEF surgeon later this month to discuss whether he needs an esophagram or dilation.

Our understanding is this: Benjamin may or may not need 2-3 different tests on his esophagus.

Three Different Tests

One will be determined by the pulmonologist.

The other test will show whether Benjamin needs his esophagus stretched. They’ll check for scar tissue at the repair site, how he is doing with acid reflux, etc.

Both of these tests would require anesthesia, but the doctor told us that those two tests can be done at the same time.

The third test, which may or may not be necessary, will determine how he does with swallowing milk/food.

Please pray for wisdom to ask the right questions and for clear communication with the doctors.  It would also be wonderful if he didn’t need anything requiring anesthesia again.


5 thoughts on “Benjamin’s Esophagus”

    1. Praying for Benjamin and for all of you. Also for the
      doctors to be equipped with skill and wisdom beyond measure and from on high. We are all praying in one accord! <3

    2. yes 🙂 the speech and swallow therapist mentioned that there was a possibility that he was getting milk into his lungs after feeding. (which could be why he’s congested so long after a cold) She said that’s not necessarily the case but it’s a possibility. There are minor changes they would make, nothing major.

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