Pulmonologist Appointment

Well, the drive to Manhattan was a fun family adventure at least! ūüôā ¬†It was a beautiful day, and the gift¬†I bought Jonathan for quiet times arrived in the morning. ¬†It helped to have that during the appointment.

After dropping me and Benjamin at the hospital, Jason found one-hour-parking. He and Jonathan waited until I was with the doctor to come inside.

(Price: $1.¬†Hospital Parking:¬†$30 –¬†which we recently learned even the nurses pay for!)

Side note- I found it interesting that the form asks if your child has been exposed to mold, pets, or stuffed animals.

Preliminary Questions

Benjamin has a new excited “gasping” sound, accompanied by a “honk.” ¬† (Any intense breathing – cough, sneeze – has a “honk” with it).

He made his excited gasp as soon as I brought him into the pulmonologist’s office, and then he apparently realized how cool it sounded… because he did it the entire time we were there. ¬†ūüôā

The pulmonologist inquired¬†about his breathing, his swallowing/eating, and whether his wheeze (when sick)¬†was a “breathing out wheeze” or a “breathing in wheeze.”

Benjamin drank his bottle while I was talking to the pulmonologist, so he heard how congested Benjamin sounds when he drinks.

When Benjamin¬†was smaller, he always sounded congested during and after¬†feedings. ¬†Now it mainly happens after he’s¬†had a cold.

Here’s what the pulmonologist suggested…

1. Benjamin should have chest pt.

While the pulmonologist listened to Benjamin’s breathing, he had gently pushed on¬†Benjamin’s tummy; he heard a slight wheezing sound, which indicates narrowing at the site of the repair.

When¬†we get a cold, most of us are able to clear the mucous on our own, but because Benjamin’s esophagus is narrower, the mucous can get stuck at the base of his throat. ¬†If he can’t clear it, then it can get infected. ¬†Thus the¬†chest pt.

This only entails one appointment, where the therapist will show us how to perform chest pt properly. ¬†The doctor also gave us a prescription for a CPT Cup, since adult palms are “a bit large for a baby’s body.”

2. He suggested that Benjamin get a bronchoscopy, which can be done at the same time as the ENDOSCOPY. He may also have a  swallow study done.

Basically, one test looks at the top portion of his esophagus, the other looks at the bottom portion and at the stomach.  The swallow study would observe through live video how well he drinks milk and whether any gets into his lungs.

(I don’t have Benjamin’s medical folder with me at the moment, I may tweak this later. ¬†Anyway you get the idea.)


Jason took Jonathan to the car while I made our follow-up appointment and got the papers for physical therapy.

I met one of the sweetest receptionists!! ¬†She gave¬†me the papers,¬†then gave me directions and the therapists’ names. ¬†It was thoughtful¬†of her to give¬†so much time to¬†one patient.

We didn’t get to ask as many questions as usual, but we’ll see the surgeon on August 26th to discuss each¬†test in more detail.

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  1. Thanks for the updates. I’ve never net your boys and yet I feel like I know them. Maybe because I follow every post you make. Praying for them both especially for Benjamin!

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