First Birthday!

Yesterday was Benjamin’s first birthday!!

We’ve never made a huge deal of the first birthday – only a small celebration – but in the culture where we’ve been serving, the first birthday calls for a feast!

Our sweet, elderly coworker explained to me a few years ago that in that country, for a child to live through the first year was tremendous.  Now, I understand.

Yesterday, I decided to read what I wrote in my journal on Benjamin’s birthday last year.  When I skimmed through my notebook, I realized I didn’t write anything on Benjamin’s birthday – for obvious reasons. 🙂

Here are a few snippets from later that week.



We are overwhelmed by God’s grace, mercy and love for us.  He has answered so many prayers […].  

Right now I’m exhausted- the last few days have been a whirlwind of unexpected, overwhelming circumstances; decision-making (or decisions yet to make […]); and overwhelming reminders of our merciful Savior’s love.  […]  

We are so thankful He has chosen to give us Benjamin to enjoy for this long.  I treasure every breath he takes, every touch, every look, every moment spent with him.  

[Reviewing] Day Two (Aug. 10)

It was just me and Jason the first time I saw Benjamin.  […]  After a while I asked the nurse if it was okay to hold him.  I wasn’t expecting her to say yes, but figured I’d ask and she agreed that I could.

They had gotten me a chair that sat higher up so I could sit beside his bed and still see/touch him.  The nurse maneuvered a few wires, wrapped him up warm and placed him in my arms.

How beautiful.  Some moments cannot be expressed in words […].

Thank You, Father, for this beautiful gift – for this one of many blessings – to hold my baby the first time I saw him. 

I shared several posts out of order, but from here I’ll attempt to go back and review challenges/blessings of his first year in chronological order.  We’ll see how that goes.  🙂