Thanksgiving Silence

This November, for the first time, I decided to participate in the Facebook tradition of sharing a daily thanks-giving post.

It’s November 11th and I’ve only shared one post. Everything I wanted to share after the first post felt a little pathetic, when I imagined saying it publicly.

These blessings mean a lot to me, but one can only share so many ‘deep’ posts –

“I’m thankful Benjamin can eat puréed food,” “I’m thankful he’s moving around so well,” “I’m thankful I can play with my kids instead of pumping all day,” –

that’s the first reason I didn’t post.

Although I do have many more-basic reasons to thank God.

Here is the second reason – it may be taking things a bit far, but I’ve always felt that when someone shares a deeply grievous status, it’s appropriate for me to keep a day of silence for them.

I know people mean well, and I don’t fault them, but when I shared about my young cousin’s death and saw people first comment that they were praying for me, and then minutes later post about the fun time they were having with their family, it seemed … I can’t think of words to explain it.

This week two young mothers have entered the presence of Christ.

One died of cancer and left a six-year-old behind; the other was shot in her house. She was pregnant and also left behind a husband and a one-year-old.

I’m thankful for the eternal hope we have and for the comfort only God can bring to these families. Words seem trite right now.

That is why I’m silent this week. Praying for their families.