First Birthday!

Yesterday was Benjamin’s first birthday!!

We’ve never made a huge deal of the first birthday – only a small celebration – but in the culture where we’ve been serving, the first birthday calls for a feast!

Our sweet, elderly coworker explained to me a few years ago that in that country, for a child to live through the first year was tremendous.  Now, I understand.

Yesterday, I decided to read what I wrote in my journal on Benjamin’s birthday last year.  When I skimmed through my notebook, I realized I didn’t write anything on Benjamin’s birthday – for obvious reasons. 🙂

Here are a few snippets from later that week.



We are overwhelmed by God’s grace, mercy and love for us.  He has answered so many prayers […].  

Right now I’m exhausted- the last few days have been a whirlwind of unexpected, overwhelming circumstances; decision-making (or decisions yet to make […]); and overwhelming reminders of our merciful Savior’s love.  […]  

We are so thankful He has chosen to give us Benjamin to enjoy for this long.  I treasure every breath he takes, every touch, every look, every moment spent with him.  

[Reviewing] Day Two (Aug. 10)

It was just me and Jason the first time I saw Benjamin.  […]  After a while I asked the nurse if it was okay to hold him.  I wasn’t expecting her to say yes, but figured I’d ask and she agreed that I could.

They had gotten me a chair that sat higher up so I could sit beside his bed and still see/touch him.  The nurse maneuvered a few wires, wrapped him up warm and placed him in my arms.

How beautiful.  Some moments cannot be expressed in words […].

Thank You, Father, for this beautiful gift – for this one of many blessings – to hold my baby the first time I saw him. 

I shared several posts out of order, but from here I’ll attempt to go back and review challenges/blessings of his first year in chronological order.  We’ll see how that goes.  🙂

A Rainy Day With My Toddler

Today has been the perfect rainy day.

Jonathan (my toddler) and I have been alone all morning, which is unusual.

I wanted to get a lot of household tasks done before my husband/baby come home, but at the same time I wanted it to be a special time for Jonathan.  He gets much less attention from me now, with Benjamin’s medical needs.

Usually I’ll put on a show for Jonathan when I need to clean the house, but this morning I realized he’s old enough to enjoy helping me start the laundry.  (He’s “helped” me fold it before, but not with washing.)

He loves anything mechanical, so I thought he’d like seeing how it works.

First, we sorted – turns out he knows the difference between “light” clothes and “dark” clothes.  Yay.  🙂

Then I lifted him up and showed him how to turn the knob.  It was fun watching his excitement when he pulled the knob and the water came on.

After we poured in the (natural) detergent, I lifted him up and let him put the clothes in.  It took a few minutes longer than usual, because I had to pick him up for each shirt/pair of pants, but we had fun…

…Until I had to explain that we can’t wash ALL the clothes at once.  He didn’t quite understand why we had to stop when we still had a few clothes left.  🙂

Then – after he cleaned up his Legos – we did a scissors/glue project, some “painting” (actually just special markers “Grammie” gave him for Christmas), and he played with play dough.

Now he’s watching a show.  🙂

It’s fun learning the balance.